Terms & Conditions

1) Payment for the hot tub is required upon delivery of the hot tub - we accept cash or bank transfer, if there’s any reason why you cannot make payment within this time, please contact in advance, and many times it’s possible to receive payment at a later date.

2) Fife & Dundee Hot tub hire has liability insurance up to £1,000,000, however injuries, damage or even death is not something we will be held responsible for due to misuse of our hot tubs.

In our FAQ page you will find information of the suitable surfaces for hot tubs and possible issues, damage to lawns, patios, decking ect is not something we will be responsible for.

3) No medical guidance is provided by us, if you are unsure about using the hot tub due to medical issues, age ect - please contact a medical professional.

4) A clean filter, along with chemicals and instructions for how to use them are provided, along with advice regarding showering before & after using the hot tub & rinsing swimwear to remove detergents - if you are unsure about this please do ask and will be happy to help - a call our due to dirty or foamy water may not always be possible - and there MAY be a £30 call out charge if required. We’re happy to provide additional chemicals(foam remover/clarifier) in advance if you think this may be a problem - please just ask.

5) It’s important instructions regarding the chemicals are followed to ensure they stay within the ranges requested. Adding far too many chemicals, or neglecting the chemicals entirely can cause illness or rashes, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this is followed - if in doubt please ask.

6) In very cold weather, where water temperature is below 4 degrees, it may be essential to fill the hot tub with warm water via an indoor tap to ensure it starts heating.

7) Any deposits taken are non-refundable - however they are transferable up to 6 months after the original booking date. In cases of theft of large items (Hot tub or Lid) or irreparable deliberate damage such as fire damage, splitting of the hot tub shell, clear misuse of tearing/ripping the lids/liners we may seek a contribution up to 50% for damages.

8) Important to note accidental damage FROM NORMAL USE will not be charged.

9) We do our best to ensure gazebos are well tied down, however we cannot be there at all times to perform maintenance on gazebos, and the customer may be required to tighten fixings in strong winds - it’s also important in strong winds the gazebo side panels are removed to allow wind to pass - if it still feels unsafe the whole gazebo should be taken down after fixings are removed - I invest in good quality gazebos, however all gazebos are potentially dangerous if the functionality is jeopardised and ignored.

10) If you think you may have a problem please contact us as soon as possible, some days I do have events on in my personal life, so whilst you’ll always receive help & communication it may not always be possible to be there in person - heating times will be advised but preferably allow additional time for the hot tub to heat if it’s crucial the hot tub is reason to use on a specific date. However unlikely it is i’m required to visit in person - I am happy to let you know prior to booking if I have prior arrangements that week/weekend, which would make it unable for me to come out immediately on certain days and i’ll be happy to advise as such, I love my job, but unfortunately the downside is essentially being on-call 24/7, and some days I wont be local.

11) Finally - no booking is created until I have informed the customer, it has been created for them - we have limited models and no way of knowing who is looking to pursue a quote or not - happy to advise on availability should you need time to decide, or even reserve a model for a few days until you know.


Get in touch to find out about our hot tubs, service or even if you just require advice.  We will reply within the hour.

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