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At this stage of the booking process NO BOOKINGS HAVE BEEN MADE YET unless told otherwise, please do request to see if this is possible if it will take you time to complete the help sheet and you want to ensure your booking. For Helsinki models the access help sheet DOES NOT need to be completed as any garden’s access will be suitable.

Prior to booking in for a hard shell hot tub it’s important to see we’ll be able to get the hot tub into the garden okay – we’re here to help if you have any questions, and happy to look at any photos or videos of your garden to make it easy for you (please request Whatsapp if struggling to attach videos elsewhere). If you require further assistance we’ll also be able to pop out in person to measure up ourselves next time we’re in the area.
Please note, the hot tubs are very big & heavy – they cannot be lifted over fences, and they don’t bend.

1) Paths – if you have a path along the side of the garden please pay attention to any protruding objects, height restrictions and most importantly there won’t be any issues moving large objects into/out of either end of the path. A driveway, or open lawn is perfect but sheds, walls or fences close by MAY pose an issue.

2) Height & width restrictions -  Please notify us of any width restrictions of less that 78cms anywhere throughout the route – it’s important you measure the narrowest point in gates/paths – things such a door stops, gas boxes, flues, downpipes and even doorsteps in paths can lessen the room available. Our Orbis & Quattrospa models require approximately 75cm width, so may be suitable when the Duraspa is not. Should something potentially moveable (such as doorstops or gates) make the space wide enough, let us know and we’ll be happy to advise if we have the tools/expertise to do so.
Please notify us of restrictions of 200cm in height (for Duraspa/Quattrospa models – and 180cm for Orbis models) – pay attention to branches/tops of gates/doors if they need to travel through.

3) Corners & turns – As the hot tubs don’t bend – it’s very important to be sure we can clear any corners or turns we’ll face in the route – at least one of the sides must measure above 200cm, otherwise we’ll need a photo and BOTH measurements to calculate which hot tub models will be suitable. If unsure please do get it touch, as this is the hardest part of access to be certain of.

4) Stairs or slopes – slopes will almost always be fine, but still helpful to notify us of any steep slopes in advance. For stairs a photo is helpful as there's varying degrees of difficulty. Some steps are much steeper than others, the width, curvature, access at the top and bottom, construction material all do make a difference too. Under 4 steps SHOULD be fine, above 7 may be a real difficulty; but as mentioned every set of stairs is different.

access picture for hot tub

If you’re unsure of anything please ask - and will be happy to help with this, or anything else.


Get in touch to find out about our hot tubs, service or even if you just require advice.  We will reply within the hour.

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